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We spoke to Rachael Goodall about her victory at the weekend on the LET Access Tour.

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Congratulations on winning the Ribeira Sacra Patrimonio de la Humanidad International Ladies Open 2019, how does it feel? and how did you celebrate?

Thank you it feels amazing to have won again and backed up my win last year in Sweden. To be honest I haven’t had chance to celebrate yet as we had a 5 hour drive back to Madrid that evening. 

The 61 in round 2 tell us about that and especially 7 birdies in 9 holes on the back 9 for a 28! was everything just going in? is that the best round you have ever had? The 61 was pretty special I had lost count on the back 9 and hadn’t realised I was so many under par. I just hit a lot of good shots close and holed nearly all the chances I had only one long putt though the rest was from about 15 feet. I actually missed a short one from about 6 feet for birdie on the 12th! So it could have been one better but of course I was happy to be 7 under on the back 9. 

We have seen in golf history that is is always difficult backing up a round like that, what were your plans heading into the final round with a 2 shot lead? 

My goal was remain as aggressive as possible and to shoot under par as I thought then it would be harder for the others to catch me and just to control what I could.  You had a good finish last week at the Saint Malo mixed open, were you coming into this event high on confidence, and how was that event playing with the men?  I really enjoyed playing with the men they are really cool to play with, it was fun seeing how they play and I realised they are a lot more aggressive with their putts so I tried to take that into this week and it seemed to work. 

I was pleased with how my game was in after playing with the guys so that filled me with confidence that I could make the cut and have a good finish with guys in the field. 

There seems to be such a good camaraderie on the both the Access Series and LET and everyone seems genuinely happy for anyone who wins, did you get some nice messages? 


Yes we are all friends out on tour there is always people on the last hole ready to soak the winner in water or champagne which I guess doesn’t always happen on the guys tour or in the states. I had a lot of messages on social media with congrats so that was really nice to see.     What were your goals coming into 2019? and have they changed now? 

My goals are too finish top 5 of the order of merit and gain my full let card and to win again. I have had a pretty consistent season so far so trying to continue that form for the rest of the year. 

You finished 30th this year at the SA Open on the LET this year, would you like to play more events on the LET? 

Yes I really enjoy playing in the full let events I played the British open last year and that was really amazing the whole week was the next week ever so I would love to continue to play in the big events. 

What is your favourite thing about being a golf pro? 

My favourite thing is travelling and seeing some amazing places but being able to play golf as my living everyday is amazing I would say that’s the best bit. 

Do you have any favourite practice drills?  

My favorite practice drill is for my pitching I place cones every 10 yards from about 10 yards to 70 yards and I try to hit the cone on the first bounce as that’s really good practice for distance control which always helps lower scores. 

Which part of your game needs the most work?

I’m always trying to improve my putting just trying to hole more putts in the range of 15 feet to 20 feet.  Who were your golfing heroes growing up, and how and when did you get into golf?  My golfing idol was Ernie Els growing up and female idol was Annika Sorrenstam (below). My dad used to go to the driving range when I was about 4 years old and I always pestered him if I could have a go and eventually he gave in and let me try and I was hooked from there. 

What do you like to do away from the golf course? do you play or follow other sports?  Where did you watch Liverpool win the Champions league, and what was the night like?  I am a massive football fan and support Liverpool football club so I always try and watch the games. The champions league final was amazing I had a few friends that went and watched it but I just watched at home with my family and had all the Liverpool flags and shirts out haha. 

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