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We caught up with Sarah Schober after she won the Terre Blanche Ladies Open

Congratulations on winning the latest LET Access event ? How do you feel?

Thank you very much. Getting my first win feels great.

How did you feel when you 3 putted 18 and knew you were in the playoff? did you think you may have missed your chance? and how was the playoff experience?

Obviously I wasn’t happy but did not think that I have missed my chance. I was thinking about 2016 when I came 2nd 5 times on the LET Access Tour and I had now the opportunity to get it done. I felt strong and wasn’t nervous at all. I could just do my best and focus on my self and then see what happens.

What was better winning the LET Access Series Order of Merit in 2016 or this victory?

That’s very difficult to compare. The OOM was very special because it shows the high consistency I had over a whole year. The win in Terre Blanche was a different feeling that I never felt before. It felt great that it finally happened :)

How did you celebrate your victory?

I didn’t really have time to celebrate because practice and tournaments were coming up.

The 1,5l Champagne bottle I won is still closed.

You started your 2019 season finishing 21st in Taiwan, what made you play there and what was that experience like?

It was very spontaneous. I got an invitation and I was flying to Australia at the end of January so that was on my way actually. It was a positive experience.

How was it playing in an LPGA event in Australia? You must have been disappointed with the 80 after a good first round?

I was very disappointed because I was playing well the weeks before. The whole event was well organized and the courses were magnificent.

We don't like to brag but we did tip you for victory after you had 4 consistent performances on on the LET in Australia & South Africa, how do you feel you played?

The weeks in Australia and South Africa were positive but I didn’t get results I wanted. I worked very hard with my coach and my game felt better than the score showed. The win showed me that I am working in the right direction.

It must have given you confidence heading into the Terre Blanche?

It gave me confidence but every week is different. You have a different course, different weather every week and your body doesn’t feel the same way all the time either.

What are your goals now for the rest of 2019?

My win didn’t change my goals. I just want to get more consistency from Tee to green but especially my Tee shots need to improve and my putting. Qualifying for the British Women’s Open in August would be great.

Christine Wolf is another good Austrian player, is golf popular in Austria?

Unfortunately golf is not very popular but golf clubs host one day a week or even golf weeks for children during the summer to introduce the game to the kids.

What is your favorite practice drill?

I like to keep it simple. Favorite drill would be the clock drill.

Are there any parts of your game that you have to work harder on than others?

Right now my Driver, 3 Wood and my putting but you need to work on all parts of the game, it can always be better.

How did you first get into golf? and who were you biggest golf inspirations growing up?

A friend of my dad, he used to play Tennis with, was a coach at the golf course close to my home. He took me to a kids day during summer and from than on I couldn’t stop hitting balls.

I didn’t have an idol, I did lots of different sports. Me and my family didn’t know anything about golf.

Do you play any other Sports?

In my free time I do lots of other sports. I like to be active and also enjoy going on a hike when I am home. Love the mountains.

What do you love most about being a pro golfer?

Visiting different countries, meeting new people, experience different cultures and food and getting to play all those amazing golf courses around the world.

What do you like to do away from the golf course?

Going hiking, love to cook or hanging out with friends.

Any advice for anyone visiting Austria?

There are a lot of different things to do and to see. Vienna and Salzburg (below) are definitely two cities to visit. I also would recommend the vineyard scenery in the south of Austria and the city Graz.

Follow Sarah on social:

Instagram: Sarah_schober

Twitter: @Sarahschober92


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