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Which statistic is most important in golf?

We looked at last years top 10 on the LPGA money list and took the 4 main stats driving accuracy, driving distance, GIR and putts per GIR to see which one was the most important in order to finish higher up the money list. Which one do you think it will be?

Driving Distance, in yards & (rank compared to the rest of the LPGA)

Driving Accuracy %


Puts per GIR

1. Ariya Jutanugarn

Driving Distance- 15th (267)

Driving Accuracy- 121st (67%)

GIR- 30th (72%)

Putts Per GIR- 1st (1.722)

2. Minjee Lee

Driving Distance- 37th (258)

Driving Accuracy- 32nd (77%)

GIR- 3rd (75%)

Putts Per GIR- 15th (1.768)

3. Sung Hyun Park

Driving Distance- 6th (270)

Driving Accuracy- 81st (72%)

GIR- 8th (74%)

Putts Per GIR- 60th (1.8)

4. Brooke Henderson

Driving Distance- 8th (268)

Driving Accuracy- 60th (74%)

GIR- 4th (75%)

Putts Per GIR- 10th (1.763)

5. Nasa Hataoka

Driving Distance- 42nd (258)

Driving Accuracy- 78th (72%)

GIR- 47th (70%)

Putts Per GIR- 2nd (1.734)

6. So Yeon Ryu

Driving Distance- 38th (258)

Driving Accuracy- 82nd (72%)

GIR- 14th (73%)

Putts Per GIR- 11th (1.764)

7. Sei Young Kim

Driving Distance- 24th (263)

Driving Accuracy- 106th (70%)

GIR- 18th (73%)

Putts Per GIR- 7th (1.757)

8. Carlota Ciganda

Driving Distance- 16th (266)

Driving Accuracy- 109th (70%)

GIR- 21st (72%)

Putts Per GIR- 28th (1.783)

9. Lexi Thompson

Driving Distance- 4th (273)

Driving Accuracy- 135th (65%)

GIR- 2nd (76%)

Putts Per GIR- 33rd (1.785)

10. Jin Young Ko

Driving Distance- 77th (252)

Driving Accuracy- 2nd (85%)

GIR- 1st (77%)

Putts Per GIR- 23rd (1.778)

Adding up everyone's position will give an average of the top 10 players, and here is how the stats ranked!

1. GIR- Average position: 14.8th (5 in the top 10)

2. Putts per GIR- Average position: 19th (3 in the top 10)

3. Driving distance- Average position: 26.7th (3 in the top 10)

4. Driving accuracy- Average position: 80.6th (1 in the top 10)

So there you have it, it looks like as long as you hit a long ball it doesn't have to be that accurate as long as you can get it onto the green.

However, 81st position driving accuracy still had an average fairway hit of 71% that is 10/14 fairways!! not to shabby.

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