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Catching up with LPGA star Mariajo Uribe.

After the British open we managed to catch up with Colombian LPGA star Mariajo Uribe.

Well the British Open has just finished, you said Lytham is now your favorite links course you have played, what made it so great and how would you sum up your 2 weeks in the UK at the Scottish and British Open?

I have got to admit links golf isn’t my favorite, I didn’t grow up playing on it or in bad weather for that matter. I had a great time this year though, the weather was unbelievable and I loved the courses we played. Royal Lytham became my favorite links course, it was a great challenge and I enjoyed playing it. What do you think is the main difference between links golf here in the UK and the courses you play on the LPGA?

The type of grass require different strategy and shots. The extreme weather conditions definitely require more control over the ball flight.

You had a fan (Dan) that followed you around for all 4 rounds, it must be great to have that kind of support? Yes he is awesome, over the last few years he has follow me in different tournaments in the UK and thru social media every week. It is nice to see a familiar face out there. How did you first get into golf? and was golf big in Colombia growing up?

Colombia only has private golf course so once my dad became a member of one, I started playing. Golf is pretty big in Colombia, compared to the rest of central and South America.

Who were you biggest golf inspirations growing up?

Tiger woods and Lorena Ochoa (above). When did you know you wanted being a golfer to be your job?

I think once you get a taste of success is when you realize I can do this for a living.

What are your memories of winning the US amateur in 2007 and what did it mean to you?

It was a very special week for me, I have dreamt of winning that tournament my whole life. It was a great step for me, I was leaving for college a couple weeks after the tournament. It gave me a huge confidence boost. You went to University in California, how did that help your game and what did you learn there? and what other players attended there at the same time as you?

It meant so much for my game, as I said before I was peaking before going to school but the coaches and my teammates helped me get to the next level. The competition within the team was so high and that made me stay on top of my game. My coaches did such a great job that 7 out of my teammates are playing on the LPGA Tour. What is your biggest achievement to date and why?

I think winning the us women’s amateur since it open so many doors for me.

How proud have you been to be able to represent Colombia at the Olympics and the Pan American games?

It’s been so much fun and an honor to represent my country. The Olympics and pan am games were experiences of a lifetime, being able to learn from other athletes is priceless.

What are your goals for the rest of 2018? and for the future?

I am working so hard on my game and want to reach the potential I know I am capable of. I want to win on the LPGA and keep moving up the world rankings.

Are there any parts of your game that you have to work harder on than others?

Putting is definitely my downfall.

What do you love most about being a pro golfer?

Traveling, golf has taken me to so many amazing places.

What do you like to do away from the golf course?

I love to scuba dive when I am on holidays and just hang out with my friends and listen to music.

What do you miss most about Colombia when you are in the States?

The people, we are very family oriented and the life in the US is very lonely. Golf is definitely growing in Colombia with some good young players coming through. what advice would you give to them?

To dream big and work hard for it.

Tell us about your FORE foundation and the work that it does, and what it means to you?

It started when I was an amateur still, I started getting a lot of request to help people. I realized I had a platform and sometimes people only needed a simple favor from me that could change someone’s life. It is mainly educational but we do all kinds of work. Right now we do little projects but my goal is to start extracurricular centers when I am done playing.

How can people get involved in the foundation?

Click here to see the project we are raising money for right now.

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