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Emie Peronnin- We speak to Emie after her first professional victory last week on the LET Access Ser

Congratulations on winning the latest LET Access event in Sweden? How do you feel?

Thank you very much! It’s been couple days now and I think I still don’t quite realize it yet. I am super happy to have won my first professional tournament. It’s definitely an important milestone in my career

Your first professional win on your rookie year did you think you could win this quickly?

To be honest I didn’t think I was going to win during my rookie year. Obviously I set up my goals at the beginning of the year and one of them was to win a tournament but I wasn’t entirely sure I was capable of doing it but I worked hard for it and it paid off.

Describe the shot on 17?

It was a 50 foot putt with a huge right to left break. I just wanted to get a nice two putt and move on to the last hole. I had been executing well my long putt all week so it was amazing to see this one going in, especially in that moment of pressure.

How did you celebrate your victory?

Unfortunately I didn’t had much time to celebrate, I am already at the Bossey Ladies championship so the party will have to wait until I go back home and I can properly celebrate with my friends and family

You now sit 4th on the order of merit it could be a good way on to next years LET?

It’s true I could be on my way to get my LET card next year but I am going to focus on the remaining tournaments this season. I was sitting 50th on the order of the merit before my 2nd place at the Lavaux Championship back in June. It moved me to the TOP 10 and I was already happy of my achievement. I am now sitting at the 4th spot but let’s see how far I can go this season.

How important do you think the access series is in providing a stepping stone to the LET and beyond for young or new pros?

I think the Letas is a good preparation for the LET. As a rookie it’s nice to get some good professional experience at a smaller scale so when you go on the LET or the LPGA you have more confidence and experience.

You attended the University of Minnesota in the USA, how important was that experience for your golf and in life generally?

It’s definitely a good life experience. I moved to the USA, I was only 18 and didn’t speak much English. It definitely taught to be more independent and resilient in the face of challenges which I think also helps with golf. Golf wise my two coaches were amazing, Michele Redman played on the LPGA for 20 years and John Cleary is one of the most knowledgeable technical coach I met. They were a great team and they helped me and are still helping me make the most out of my game.

How did you first get into golf? and who were you biggest golf inspirations growing up?

Well both my parents started golf when I was young and they would teach my older brother so often they would take me along with them. I first started with only putting when I was about 5 but by the time I was 8 I played my first competitions.

I was always a big Michelle Wie fan when I was a kid, she even gave me a signed glove at the 2005 Evian Masters when I was 10. However Annika was probably my biggest inspiration. Her implications with Vision 54 is still today something that inspire my game.

What are your goals for 2018 and beyond?

Well at the beginning of the season I think I wrote:

  • Being in the TOP 15 of the order of the merit

  • Winning a tournament

  • Getting my card on the LET

I think I already achieved most of my goals so I think I am going to have to set new one LOL

For the future I would love to get my card on the LPGA but I would say my biggest goal is to play the 2024 Olympics in Paris. Participating in the olympics is my childhood dream so it definitely one of my long term goals

What are your favorite practice drills?

Probably a putting drill call the star drill. You place 4 tees in a cross shape 3 feet from the hole then you do another cross with 4 tees but at 5 feet it should look like a star. You putt a 3 feet then a 5 feet then a 3 feet again. You have to go around twice without missing a putt. Then once you succeed you move each tees back 1 foot go around once without missing any putt. And keep moving until the 3-footer tees are at 7 feet and the 5 footer tees now at 10 feet.

Are there any parts of your game that you have to work harder on than others?

I definitely have to work much harder on my chipping, it’s not very good. I get around with my putter off the green quite well but my wedge aren’t so good so I spend extra time practicing around the green

What do you love most about being a pro golfer?

I love the traveling, discovering so many new countries and cities. I also love competing so having a career that fully based on competition is quite fun.

What do you like to do away from the golf course?

I love to do any kind of sports, in the winter I would go skiing, in the summer go paddle boarding in the Mediterranean sea. I also enjoy kickboxing and handball.

Any advice for anyone visiting your hometown Frejus in France?

It’s beautiful it’s right on the french riviera. You have beautiful hiking place, and some very nice beaches, definitely worth a visit. .

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