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Which one of these 8 women's golf tours do players earn the most prize money??

At the midway point in the year Golfista have carried out a study into 8 tours around the world. The object was to see how much is earned in prize money on each tour. Importantly tours should not be decided by prize money alone as some offer vital pathways on to bigger tours with the opportunity to earn more money and more Rolex ranking points.

The LPGA is miles ahead of the other tours with only the KLPGA and Japan LPGA 1st place earning more than the 50th place on the LPGA. It is clear to see why the LPGA has such a strong pull attracting the worlds best golfers.

2nd and 3rd are the Japanise Tour and the KLPGA. The LPGA in Japan this season is a bit distorted as world number 21 Ai Suzuki has already won 4 events and is running ahead on the money list. However, good money can be earned even all the way down to 50th place both earning over 47,000 Euros.

It is clear to see why the Symetra Tour is starting to attract the best European players as not only does it offer similar rewards but it offers a clear route onto the LPGA at the end of the season for those that qualify. Some may say it also offers a more consistent schedule that is easier to plan your year around and save money travelling the world.

Good money can also be earned in China with a number of LET players moving there such as Sharmila Nicollet of India and some of the top Australian players from the ALPG.

The LET Access Series is such an important tour for young golfers who need the experience and a chance to earn their card on the LET. However, with tournaments all over Europe it must be hard for the players to survive just on their earnings from the tour with the players on the Taiwanese Tour earning more money.

All figures are in Euros and were converted on the 18/7/18.

LPGA- 19 Tournaments so far

1st Place- 1,546,719 Earnings Per Tournament 81,406

10th- 620,077 32,636

50th- 218,599 11,503

Japan LPGA- 19 Tournaments so far

1st Place- 831,384 Earnings Per Tournament 43,757

10th- 218,384 11,514 50th- 82,794 4,358

KLPGA- 15 Tournaments so far

1st Place- 399,267 Earnings Per Tournament 26,618

10th- 180,540 12,306

50th- 47,524 3,168

Ladies European Tour- 8 Tournaments so far

1st Place- 81,697 Earnings Per Tournament 10,212

10th- 29,083 3,635

50th- 11,206 1,401

Symetra Tour- 11 Tournaments so far

1st Place- 50,381 Earnings Per Tournament 4,580

10th- 28,447 2,586

50th- 9,187 835

China LPGA - 10 Tournaments so far

1st Place- 51,518 Earnings Per Tournament 5,151

10th- 16,928 1,693

50th- 3,847 385

Taiwan LPGA- 10 Tournaments so far

1st Place- 27,223 Earnings Per Tournament 2,722

10th- 8,070 807

50th- 446 45

LET Access Series- 8 Tournaments so far

1st Place- 17,248 Earnings Per Tournament 2,156

10th- 8,733 1,092

50th- 2,175 272

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