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Meet Gemma Fuster, a golfer with a passion for sports, fitness & fashion.

In the next episode in our series of interviews we caught up with Spanish golfer Gemma Fuster.

Gemma started playing golf aged 5 when she started playing with her dad. The Barcelona native unfortunately missed out on a place on the LET Tour for next year after missing out on the top 25 places at the final of Q School.

Gemma who graduated from Old Dominion University in Virgina, where she played golf and studied Communications is looking to earn her card this year through playing on the LET access series. Away from golf Gemma is a keen gym user and likes to stay fit in a number of different ways.

Who are/were your golfing heroes growing up?

I loved Seve because of his capacity of playing golf from anywhere. As for women, even though we are about the same age, I really like Michelle Wie.

When did you realize you were good enough to make golf your job?

I thought it was a good time to try it after graduating from college.

You went to University in America, playing golf and studying Communications. lots of girls from Europe end up at university there. What did you learn there and do you recommend others to go there for their golf?

It is great. I had the opportunity to study a degree and I learnt a lot about golf. How to practice, how to be in a team. It was the best experience.

What do you love most about golf?

When I play golf I always try to be a better player. It requires a lot of different qualities mentally and physically. It makes me push my self and I love it.

Is golf a popular sport in Spain among girls?

It is not that popular, even though, every year the sport is growing and more and more young girls are playing.

How can we get more girls to play golf? and any advice to parents on getting or letting their daughters play golf?

We need to motivate young girls to play by having more tournaments, showing them how fun golf can be with different games, and always making them feel that they can be great players. Parents should support them with passion and love, but by putting pressure on them.

You seem like a super active person, so what are your main hobbies away from golf? and did you play other sports when you were young?

I love doing other sports outdoors like trekking, running or water sports. When I was young I used to dance and play field hockey.

You have completed a few spartan races ,did you enjoy them ? toughest obstacle?

They were super fun! I love going to the gym, so it was part of my motivation to compete in a spartan race. I don't have big arms, so the "monkey bars" were pretty tough even though it was the second time I had done the spartan!

How often do you normally go to the gym and what exercises would you recommend for golf?

I love going to the gym, so I try to go about 4 times a week. The most important exercises are the ones that make your legs, abs and back strong.

You played 6 events on the LET Access tour this year. Is it fair to say the end of your season has been stronger with a Tied 27th place in Valencia and a tied 13 at the first Q school event?

Yeah, I finished 7th on the Spanish tournament also, so the end of my season was great. I worked hard and it payed off.

Whats your biggest strength on the golf course?

Probably the distance I can hit the golf ball.

The standard of the LET Access and the LET tour seams to be getting higher and higher do you agree?

There are a lot of good girls now, and every year the standard is higher because there are more girls who are playing golf.

You played a bit on the Santander Tour in Spain, how does that tour help up and coming golfers?

It is perfect to compete on and improve before moving on to the Let access or LET.

You are very fashionable on the golf course, where do you get your inspiration from?

I love fashion, and I am sponsored by Lacoste, who are a great brand for golfing clothes.

You live in Barcelona, what do you love most about living there and how often do you get to practice?

Barcelona is a great city. You have the sea, the mountains and lots of activities to do. I usually practice in golf Llavaneres, about 7 days a week.

Whats your ultimate dream when it comes to golf?

I want to play on the LET as many tournaments as possible.

We wish Gemma luck this year on tour and will keep a close eye on her progress.

Follow Gemma on;

Instagram: gemmafustergolf

Twitter: @gemmafustergolf


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