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Meet the 14 year old from Chile aiming to make the LPGA. After only playing for 3 years, Agustina i

In the first of our series of interviews we meet Agustina Rebolledo Tomicic. A 14 year old from Santiago, Chile who now lives in the Caribbean island of the Turks & Caicos. The only drawback of living in such a beautiful place...... there is only one golf course. Agustina plays at the Provo golf Club (below) and when back in Chile at the golf club Dehesa.

How did you start playing golf and when did you realize you were good?

I am not a person who plays all the popular sports. I saw a photo of my dad and me at a golf course when i was 1 or 2 and that made me want to try golf and have a few lessons. After a few lessons i felt in my mind that i was getting good, i told my self ;you know what give this sport a go, it may lead to great things'. so i took more lessons and put in an extra effort. I felt involved with the sport and asked my dad to help me out. He looked for golf schools and i joined the Jim Mclean Golf School and was taught by Roberta Neves. Roberta was like a sister to me and she made golf fun to learn, she guided me through the first steps.

What do you love most about golf?

I love that it is a very calm sport and i hope it can lead me to having a big future.

What are your best golfing achievements so far?

Coming 2nd on the Hurricane Tour in 2016, and shooting 81 at the Blue Monster Golf Course in 2016.

What are your favorite practice drills?

A Tiger Woods drill where you stop at the top of the back swing and then speed through into the ball and I also like a drill where you start with your legs together, start the the swing and then step into the downswing (below).

What are your strengths as a golfer?

I train very hard. I also have great dedication and a passion for golf.

What part of your game do you need to work on?

My short game and my mental game, however, that will come with experience.

Do you do anything for fitness/strength in regards to golf?

I go to the gym 3 times a week and my fitness coach (Gaston Massa-Torche Paffetti) sends me drills to do online.

How often do you practice?

Everyday for 2-3 hours or i play a round.

What professional golfers do you look up to?

Michelle Wie (below), I like how she didn't let the media ruin her career, while the media let her down & Jordan Speith, because i like how he recovers quickly when he is not playing well.

Why should girls start to play golf?

They should play because even though some people say its a boys sport girls can have more dedication and can make a career out of playing golf. It's also fun.

How can we get more girls to take up golf?

Every time i go to a golf store there are not too many clothes for girls. If there was a more fashionable choice i think more girls would want to play. Go Girls!

What would you say to parents who want their children to play or whose children want to play?

Let them go at their own pace. Let them have fun and enjoy themselves. Golf is all about having fun.

What are your hobbies away from golf?

I love baking, fishing and hanging out with my sister.

After the Jim Mclean golf school you also went to a golf school in Chile, how was that?

I went to the EM academy and it was amazing. I wanted to go there as i realized they had trained the top golfers in Chile like Joaquin Nieman and Tomas Gana. As soon as i got there they saw i had potential and really helped me.

What did you do there?

It was really cold when i was there! i use to wake up early in the morning and went and trained for 3-6 hours every day. Working on my swing and in the gym.

I also realized that it takes about 1 second to make a swing but when you break it down there are lots of different components.

What is the golf like in Chile & in the Turks & Caicos?

In Chile it has a lot of importance & coaches train students hard. In Turks there is only 1 course, it does not have a proper range & it is hard to pracrice but the course itself is amazing.

Did the Hurricanes affect the golf course?

We lost a lot of trees and the golf course is much clearer now. It was closed for 1 month but has just reopened.

What are your short term goals?

I want to go to college to play golf.

And what is your dream for the future?

I would like to be a designer and maybe be able to play on the LPGA.

Check out Agustina's amazing progress int the video below. 2015 swing v 2017!! This just shows anyone who works hard can be good at golf.

It is clear Agustina has a bright future in what ever she pursues as she comes across as a very switched on girl who loves her golf. We wish her the best of luck and will keep one eye on her future!

Follow her on;

Instagram: agustinarebolledo

Twitter: @agustinarebo

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