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Why Golf is the Greatest Sport

1. Anybody can play golf! you do not need to be built like a rugby player or a gymnast for golf. Anyone of any shape or size can play golf and be good at it.

2. Exercise! The average walk is over 6K and that is if you hit the ball straight! Some of us like to make it longer. You can burn well in exercise of 500 calories. You are also spending time outdoors in the fresh air.

3. You can play with anyone. Due to the handicap system anyone can have a competitive game regardless of how good they are. You can play with a Professional off a level playing field.

4.It is a great social game. you can talk for the whole round (if you want), have a drink afterwards, even make a day out of it. You can even turn it into a a girls holiday!

5. You can actually compare yourself to the professionals. you can play the exact same course as them and compare scores.

6. You can practice pretty much anywhere you want. all you need is a club. From your office to your garden to out on to the range anywhere can become your range.

7. You can play as many holes as you like. you don't have to play 18 every time. You can play 9 holes after work if you prefer and it is equally as fun.

8.You can play by yourself. You don't have to rely on other people to play. You can just go out and enjoy some peace and quite.

9. Golf fashion is now pretty cool!

10. The best views of any sport.

11. There is always that one shot that keeps you coming back for more, and the ultimate quest for a hole in one!

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